Minggu, 16 Februari 2014

Behind the scene: The Exploding of Mount Kelud

At that time, beside the heart that beats faster, I took my digital camera, pretending as a cameramen who prepraed such a news report.
Yeah, Thursday afternoon I, who live not far from Mount Kelud, got a news that the Kelud level status has raised to Siaga 3 (critical status of siaga). Feel like deja vu, back to the past on 2007 it felt like that, the local radio reported about the panic condition, eventhough they didn't tell that directly. But at time, Kelud never erupt. It just born to a new little kid, the lava cuve, people here named it as Anak Kelud (Kelud Child). I even go there with my buddy, such a beautiful view actually.
So, I wonder, and got a feeling that this time will be bigger than 7 years ago. Me with family and also my neighbors talked about that, that completed by the hot temperatur for a few days.
But, I never think it would be that fast.
Still on thursday, after I had ramyoon for dinner, we got a called from aunt, the status raised again to be AWAS. In another word, a warning to run. Well, people who live in ring 1 ( 0 - 5 km) to ring 2 ( 6 - 10 km) got to evacuate. My mom just slept, dad and me turn on the tv, but not such a news come out. I check my friends status on blackberry messenger, ohh they were faster for updating. Yeahh, so many status about Kelud.
And, about an hour after the news of raising status level, we got a news that Kelud was exploded. Aunt told that and asked us if there are such a rainy sand, stone, or what. But still, nothing happen in my area.
You know human right, me and family really curios about that, so late at night at 11 pm, we came out, and I didn't forget about my camera. We wait, and found out it self. I succeed eternalize the moment by my digital camera. Here, from my house, we can see a flash light, hmmm it were more like thunderbolt. Yeahh, so the intensitivity was raised in every minute. So, ahh this is really a disaster then. 
We could see from my place, that the situation was very frightening. Even, my family who live at about 12 km from the mountain stayed for a night in my house, because in their village, the thunderbolt already above them. Plus, they can see the larva of the mountain. Alhamdulillah, they can survive till my house.
Okee, here we go. 

Actually I record it, cause they were too fast to capture. Well, from the video then I got that picture. And maybe if you guys the reader, want to share it, please put the credit.

Well, after that, sand rain started to pour my house. And the next day, after we my family try to clean the house from the sand, we collect and 2 buckets almost full of that.
But still, we are so thankful, it is just a little sand rainy. Another regency got worse, even another province in Central Java, Yogyakarta, and West Java. 

It was such a disaster. Alloh maybe try to remind us about heaven and also the hell. 
Well, really hope the level status can be downed than..

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