Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

Rose Crochet Brooch

So, I don't remember how I end up with this 'girly things' -crochet. In my opinion, I'm not an expert in this land. Couple months ago, I stuck on a galau time, a time you can't make some move everywhere. Why? Coz I'm gonna have a nephew, and I dont have money to buy some prize or anything. But another aunt -to be- from other side has already bought baby cart/ carriage, dont imagine how that campus girl make money to buy such prize. And, me? who already passed that campus and work, do not give anything?

Then, I learn crochet. Because of friends who introducing me the new world. And... ta da..

trying to make some baby shoe from youtube video, difficult level = high

don't know which step I did wrong, but it comes too tiny. 

then I learn to make some rose. welldone!

too happy to make more :D

well then, I am curious making a brooch. Hahaa

eng ing eng.. here we go. a very simple crochet brooch.

you can always treasure more.

Looks like I am having a tutorial for making that, huh?
hmmmm.. search on youtube: happyberry crochet, i heart stitching, or visit bhookedcrochet.com

happy crochet :D

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