Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

Day at the Museum

Mmhh, trying to copy a movie title, but it turn to be common normal. Hwkwk

Well, then let's begin the story.

Me and friends had a day off and we agreed to spent by having a vacation. And our decision is, Angkut Museum (Transportation Museum) which is a new travel site on Batu City, near Malang. The ticket cost is 75k/ person.

Waiting for the open gate, we decided to have lunch first. Yeah, it's a good decision, cause that place is really huge. You'll need extra energy to visit and enjoy every corner.

beside the river, waiting for lunch. Mmmh, no. Waiting the opening time of the food stall.

replacing good spot to recharging the phone battery, and still, waiting that opening time. *kruyuuk*

Okay, there are so many studio there. It's kindly hard to write it down here cause as far as I remember, we spent almost the whole time by taking selfie. Well done.

But I'll try to make some detail, but if something missing please forgive and understanding why. Hehe

1st, studio that has so many antique land transport. Or not? haha, it's truly hard.
there are so many fancy and old car, and also kind of palace cart. Really look blink blink.





Second we went upstairs. There are a very old-school vehicle, traditional ones. And on the terrace, there is a monument of Apollo 11. The fun thing is, if we want to get the feel of Neil Armstrong we can take the stair to going up. I am not sure how height it is, but it is the highest monument there. And the bonus is, we can feel the cool wind and beautiful scenery of Batu.

After that, we made a move to air transportation and sea transportation. There are so many model of aeroplanes and ships. I am sorry for not giving any detail, but don't worry they all have the information for every model.

selfie first XD

in front of Titanic Ship Model

Forgot what the name of the ship -_-

another massive brain -_-

Perahu Pantai Selatan. How could you translate that? South Beach Ship?

Wall of.. what?

Next step, we went to such a road in 70-80's era, I guess. Interesting. They complete it with the building itself. It looks like Pecinan (Chinese Village).

Next destionation is a full antique and fancy car. Beautiful. Want to take one. Haha

Pass that studio, is a kind of US nuisance. Very hardly impressive. We took so many pictures here. Haha

Pass that zone, we welcomed by Europe style. France, Italy, German. And Holland. Nice. Nice.

You need a really extra time to enjoy all. My advice is, do not having any appointment after visiting this. Or you will be late. Or the worst is, you can't enjoy this.
Trust me. It works.

Hmm, seems like I did show a lot :D

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