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For some quite along time I didn't post something. Too bad cause I have so many to share, it's just time that did not let the show.

Well, right now I'll post something really HOT. Cause I just got yesterday. Hot from the oven. Haha

It happen on a city called Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. I've got a project here, and coincidentally my college friends had a survey there. And the awesome thing is, they got to go to Bromo and they offer me to join. Such a chance!!
My first time went there was when I was at second year of high school. It didn't bring bright memory cause I had a painful stomach-ache. So then, I want to turn that memory better.
So, the D-day, me and friends went from the hotel at 2 am, and got there at 4 am. We need to rent a kind of off-road vehicle. Ah, we were group of 5 including me. Just imagine, we rode that on a dark sahara with their dust flew freely. It kind of a little bit late, the destination was already full with the same kind off-road vehicle. It such a hard time to found a park itself.  
Parking succeed, and we climbed up to the Peak 1. I am not sure, how the temperature degree at that time, but I've got my nose watering, it's kind a rare for me who lived in tropic country.
And the Peak 1 was already full by people. So many people around the world. Ah, it's weekday but it's such a full.
Then, here is the appearance I want to show you off.

past the sunrise time. already bright. 

prove we've gone there!

such a quite amazing friend. he wore a short pan in a very cold and windy weather.

need to take selfie before went down.

got to get a better spot to record the moment. sorry, already full of tourist anywhere.

taken by my digital camera. a truly calendar wallpaper.. 


Thought it just the end. But not. Such a surprise, friends delivered me to Mount Bromo itself. Guys, actually I had bad feeling about that. Cause, the crime scene I had before was there. I've got to walk so far, and climbed the stairs and at the top of mount, the sulphur scent smell so bad. And the worst was I've got stomach-ache because of woman period. So, don't you agree that I've ever had a very bad memory about that??
But then, I decided to try again. Probably, the positive mind can bring the positive result. Plus, I didn't get woman period that time.

But, the fact was..
The parking area is farther than hmmmmm around 8 years ago. And it's windy, so we've got such dusty storm there. But still, it's so much much better and I can enjoy more and more than my first time.
Here is the prove.

tired from walking such a far route, decide to ride a horse. and it even scarier. my stiff expression -_-

but still, got realize from taking a picture, smile :)
and I start to like the horse :[

after the horse ride time, SELFIE. Thanks God, nothing bad happen.

FIGHTING. Hold the sight and just look the up.

Yeay! We were on the top and still having SELFIE time.

Take a selfie again when we climb down.

that was when we took a break when we climbed up.

this was a very beautiful appearance. look like a sahara desert. The storm, really wow.

another appearance. Fighting gays

that's the top of Mount Bromo. The sulphur smell was such an incredible woww

Thanks GOD for making this wonderful site. You are really SUPERIOR.

Our last destination was not far from Mount Bromo. Passing Pasir Berbisik (Wishper Sand), we arrived at Teletubbies Hill. Why it called that? Because and just only because, it look like the legendaries hill on Teletubbies series.

Hmmm. Quite similar, right? just been agree. XD

ah. such a stiff pose.

awkward pose again. the reason is, my digital camera had an error time cause of the storm before :(

but well then, just been realized, the view was so amazing, even taken with the a little bit error camera.

Well, yeah. Fun travel right???
Just close the page and found out yourself!

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